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Especially in the ancient book of Job do we find some amazingly accurate statements about our universe that can be used to prove that this Bible book is both inspired and scientific.

Note, for example, what is written at Job 26:7:

‘He stretches the north wind on nothing,
And on nothing, He has hung the earth.’

And again, in verse 10:
‘By His order, the sea’s face is round,
From where the light reaches to darkness.’

Interestingly, the fact that the earth is round and hung upon nothing wasn’t really believed by most people until the time of Christopher Columbus. And the earth wasn’t truly proven to be round to some people until the time of photos from space satellites.

Then notice this statement as found at Job 38:38 (when speaking of God):
‘Who poured out the powder that made the earth,
And stuck it together like a stone block?’

Science has just recently concluded that the earth and much of the universe was formed by clouds of dust.
So, is this inspiration or ancient wisdom?
We simply don’t know, for none of these words were dissertations on scientific revelations;
They were just poetic discussions of the powers of God.

It is interesting that many forms of art (including songs and poetry) are said to be inspired. And if we examine the roots of that word (in-spired), we can see that it means ‘breathed in,’ or that it comes from God.

Can this be so, and can all the works that we call ‘inspired’ actually have God’s Breath or Spirit as their source? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that all men received their breath (spirit) from God (the Breath of Life). So, perhaps we all have a small portion of His power, which goes untapped until we strive for greatness. And perhaps prophetic words are enhanced when one searches for them in the power of verse or song.

Notice, for example, what EliHu said (as recorded at Job 32:8):
‘Yet, though there’s a spirit in humans,
The Breath of the Almighty does the teaching.’

So, perhaps this would explain the unusual powers that even unrighteous men (such as the Prophet BalaAm) have displayed. (For more information, see the linked documents, ‘The Bible’s Internal Proofs of its Authentic History,’ and ‘The Powers of God’s Holy Spirit.’)

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