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How to Maintain Your Spirituality

info All commentaries are written by volunteers, readers, or supporters of our Bible translation project. These are not official views of our project; we are not a religious denomination and we do not establish doctrine. These commentaries reflect a variety of views and some disagree with each other.

We know that many who have found their way to the pages of this Bible have found themselves in a spiritual dilemma, because they have come to realize how difficult finding Bible truth really is among organized religion.

Therefore, we are often asked, “How can I maintain my relationship with God and Jesus when it is so difficult to find others with an open mind and who are still willing to learn from the Bible?”

Our advice is: “Keep studying the Bible with your family and friends.” For Jesus said (at Matthew 7:7-11):

“Keep asking and it will be given.
Keep searching and you will find.

Keep on knocking and it will be opened.

For, all will receive who keep asking;

All who keep searching will find;

And [the door] will be opened to all who keep knocking.

For, of which man is this not true;

When his son asks him for bread,

He will not hand him a stone;

Or if he should ask for a fish,

He won’t hand him a snake.

So, if you in your wicked condition,

Give good gifts to your children,

How much more will your Father in heaven,

Give good things to those who keep asking?”

Trust in the strength of God’s Word.

A Suggested Spiritual Program

Once each day, or week, or month (depending on your situation), sit down with your family and/or friends and devote an hour to Bible reading and commenting. Pick a Bible book and start from the beginning; and keep the program going until you finish that book. Don’t rush the study and don’t determine how much you will cover in each session.

Use more than one Bible translation (we hope that you’ll include this one), and allow each person to read a small portion from their own Bible. Then encourage all who wish, to add their own comments and views of the verses.

Don’t be rude or judgmental; because YOU could be the one who is wrong… keep an open mind! Be assured that if you continue this program of Bible reading, the truth will eventually become obvious to all.

Avoid the use of phrases like “I believe that” and “it’s a fact that,”  because this indicates a lack of a willingness to learn on your part.

Always open and close in prayer, because you want the Spirits of God and Jesus to be with you.

Stick to your set time limit.

If a subject needs more discussion and starts interfering with your regular reading, set aside another time to discuss it (always with an open mind).

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