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Revelation: Sequence of Prophecies

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Revelation is a book describing an apocalyptic vision sent by Jesus to His disciple John.


Revelation 1


A revelation that The God gave to Jesus the Anointed One to show his slaves the things that must happen very quickly.  He sent it by his messenger to his slave [John] testifies that everything he saw was the Word of The God and the testimony of Jesus the Anointed.


(a)        On a Sabbath day, the Apostle John came to be in The Breath of God….He heard a voice from behind him who said to him to write down the things that he saw on a scroll and send it to the 7 congregations in Asia Minor:


Ephesus, Smyrna, PergaMom, ThyaTira, Sardis, PhilaDelphia, and LaoDikia.


(b)          John turned around to see who was speaking but instead saw 7 gold lampstands and between the lampstands saw someone who looked like a son of man;


His voice sounded like the noise made by large bodies of water and in his right hand he held 7 stars and a 2-edged sword protruded from his mouth.  His face was as bright as the sun.


When John saw the man, he fell like a dead man at his feet but he laid his right hand on him and said ‘Don’t be afraid!  I’m the first, the last and the living one.  And although I died, Look!  I am living throughout ages of ages.  I also hold the keys to death and the place of the dead.’;


You must now write down the things that you’re about to seeFor they are things that are now and things that will soon be’;


‘As for the mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and the seven gold lampstands:


‘The seven stars signify the messengers of the seven congregations and the seven lampstands signify the seven congregations.


Revelation 2


John was told to write down the messages to the messengers of the congregations of  Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamom, and Thyatira.


Revelation 3


John was also told to write down the messages to the messengers of Sardis, Philadephia, and Laodikia.


Revelation 4


(a)  After John saw those things, he saw a door opening in the sky and the first voice he heard speaking to him told him: ‘Now, come on up here, and I’ll show you what must happen next.’ 


John immediately became like the wind and saw a throne in the sky with someone sitting on it.  Surrounding the throne were 24 more thrones on which sat 24 elders dressed in white robes and had gold garlands on their head;.


In front of the thrones were 7 flaming lamps which were the 7 Spirits of The God;


Also in front of the throne was a transparent sea on which each of the 4 sides of the throne was a creature that had many eyes on its front and back and looked like a lion, young bull, face of a man and a flying creature;


Each of the 4 creatures had 6 wings wrapped around them and the inner parts of their wings were full of eyes that didn’t rest day or night.


Revelation 5


(a)        The Apostle John saw a scroll with writing on both sides in the right hand of the One sitting on the throne.  This scroll had been sealed with 7 seals and a mighty messenger asked him who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll.


John started to cry as no one in the heavens or on the earth was found worthy to open and examine the scroll.  But one of the elders told him to stop crying as the Lion from the tribe of Judah and of the root of David has conquered and so will be able to open the scroll and its seven seals.


(b)        Then John saw the Lamb standing between the throne and before the 4 cherubs and the elders.  He had 7 horns and 7 eyes symbolizing the 7 Spirits of The God that have been sent throughout the earth.  The Spirit of the Lord, wisdom, understanding, might, knowledge and fear of the Lord.


The Lamb went right up to the One holding the scroll in his right hand and sitting on the throne and took the scroll;


(c)         John looked around because he heard the voices of many messengers, along with the cherubs and the elders that were all around the throne and numbered into the millions and tens of millions.


Revelation 6


(a)        The Lamb opened 1 of the 7 seals and one of the cherubs said ‘Come on out!’ and the Apostle John saw a white horse with someone sitting on it who had a bow, was given a garland and went out to finish his victory;


(b)    The 2nd seal revealed a fiery red horse and the rider was given a large sword and was authorized to remove peace from the earth so people would slaughter each other;


(c)    The 3rd seal revealed a black horse with a rider who held a balance scale in his hand and John heard a voice that sounded like it came from the midst of the 4 cherubs and said: ‘A quart of wheat for a silver coin and 3 quarts of barley for a silver coin…..But don’t damage the olive oil or the wine.’;


(d)    The 4th seal revealed a greenish yellow horse and the rider was named Death….And the Place of the Death was following closely behind him;


These 4 horsemen were given authority over ¼ of the earth to kill with the sword, with famines, plagues, and the wild animals of the earth.


(e)    The 5th seal revealed that underneath the Altar John could see the lives of those slaughtered because of the Word of God and what they had testified to;


They were crying and asking the Sovereign Lord how much longer He was holding back His judgments and bringing vengeance for their blood upon those on the earth;


They were given white robes but were told to rest a little longer until the full number of their fellow slaves and brothers  was to be filled (who were going to be killed as they’d been;


(f)     The 6th seal produced a great shaking that caused the sun to become black as haircloth and the moon like blood and the stars in the skies fell to the earth;


Then it looked like the sky was being rolled up like a scroll and the mountains and islands were removed from their places;


Then all the kings of the earth, all important people, all military commanders, all the rich and powerful as well as slaves and free people hid themselves in caves and under rocks and mountains….’For the Great Day of their rage has arrived and who’ll be able to survive?’


Revelation 7


(a)     Then John saw 4 messengers standing on each of the four corners of the earth holding onto the 4 winds of the earth so they couldn’t blow on the lands, seas or trees;


(b)     After that John saw another messenger arriving from the sunrise carrying the seal of the living God saying: ‘Don’t harm the lands, the seas, or the trees until after we’ve sealed the slaves of our God on their foreheads;


John heard the numbers sealed were 144,000 out of all the tribes of the sons of Israel: 12,000 of each tribe of Judah, ReuBen, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, ManasSeh, SimeOn, Levi, IsSacher, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin:


(c)    Then John saw a large crowd that no one could count

coming from all countries, nationalities, ethnic groups and languages standing with a view of the Lamb and the throne;


They were each wearing white robes and carrying palm branches in their hands shouting ‘We owe our salvation to our God who’s sitting on the throne and to the Lamb!’;


One of the elders asked John who are these people dressed in white robes and where did they come from.  John told him that surely he knew;


Then the elder told him that they were the ones who came out of the time of difficulty and had washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb;


This is why they’re under the gaze of The God serving Him day and night in His temple sanctuary;


The One sitting on the throne will spread His tent over them and they won’t be hungry or thirsty anymore, nor will the sun beat down on them with blistering heat;


The Lamb that’s in the midst of the throne will shepherd and guide them to the springs of the waters of life, and God will wipe all the tears from their eyes.


Revelation 8


(a)        When the 7th seal was opened, the skies went silent for

             about half an hour.


(b)        Then John saw 7 trumpets distributed among 7 of the  messengers standing before God;


(c)         Then another messenger arrived carrying a gold incense

bowl. He stopped before the Altar and was given a  large  quantity of incense to be offered on the gold Altar that was in front of the throne, along with the prayers of the Holy Ones;


Then the messenger took the incense bowl and filled it with some of the fire that was burning on the Altar and threw it down to earth causing thunder, voices, lightning and a great shaking;


(d)        Then the 7 messengers with the 7 trumpets prepared to

Blow the trumpets;


The first messenger blew his trumpet and hail and fire was  mixed  with blood thrown down to the earth causing 1/3rd of the lands, 1/3rd of the trees and 1/3rd of the green plans to be burned;


The 2nd messenger  blew his trumpet and something like a huge burning mountain was thrown into the sea causing 1/3rd of the sea to turn into blood killing 1/3rd of the creatures living in the seas and it destroyed 1/3rd of the ships traveling there;


The 3rd messenger blew his trumpet and a huge star burning like a lamp fell out of the sky onto 1/3rd of the rivers and 1/3rd of the spring waters.  The star’s name was Wormwood;


The 4th messenger blew his trumpet and 1/3rd of the sun was struck and 1/3rd of the moon and 1/3rd of the stars, bringing darkness upon 1/3rd of the earth so daylight nor night appeared over 1/3rd of the earth;


(e)        Then John saw an eagle flying high in the sky shouting

‘Woe, woe, woe to those living on the earth, for there are 3     more trumpet blasts that the 3 messengers are getting ready to blow!’


Revelation 9


(a)        The 5th messenger blew his trumpet and John saw a star   fall  out of the sky onto the earth.  It had been given the key to the abyss which opened and smoke poured out of it and darked the sun and all of the air;


Locusts dropped to the earth out of the smoke who had the same power as earthly scorpions.  They were told not to damage any of the earth’s vegetation or trees, only those men who didn’t have God’s seal on their foreheads.  They were not allowed to kill them but sting them for 5 months;


These locusts also had a king who led them who is the messenger of the abyss, named Abadon in Aramaic and ApolLyon in Greek, meaning destroyer;


(b)        The 6th messenger blew his trumpet and John heard a voice which came from the gold horned edges on the Altar that are in front of The God.  This voice said to release the 4 messengers that had been tied down at the great EuPhrates River;


These 4 messengers were untied and were prepared to kill 1/3rd of all mankind on a specific hour, day, and year.  They led an army John was told numbered 200 million horsemen;


The 3 plagues: fire, smoke and the sulfur came out of the mouths of the horses  which killed 1/3rd of mankind;


(c)         The rest of the people who hadn’t been killed by these    plagues still refused to repent from the things they were doing.


Revelation 10


(a)        Another powerful messenger came down out of the sky  which was wrapped in a cloud and wearing a rainbow on his head and he held a small opened scroll in his hand;


He put his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the ground and shouted 7 rumbles of thunder that each spoke in its own voice;


John was going to write down what each of the 7 thunders were saying but a voice from heaven told him not to write down what the 7 thunders said and to seal up those words;


The messenger standing on the sea and on the ground raised his right hand towards heaven and swore this by the One who lives throughout ages of ages and shouted: ‘The time has finally arrived!  For when the 7th messenger blows his trumpet, God’s mystery that has been revealed through the good news that He sent through His slaves the Prophets will then be fulfilled;


Then the voice from the sky spoke to John again and told him to go and take the little open scroll out of the hands of the messenger standing on the sea and the ground.  John did and was told to eat it.  John did exactly that.


(b)        Then John was told ‘Now you must go on to prophesy to peoples, nations, languages, and many kings a further time!’


Revelation 11


(a)         The Apostle John was handed a cane that was like a large walking stick.  The messenger instructed John to measure God’s Most Holy, the Altar, and those bowing low there;


The messenger said to pay no attention to the courtyard outside the Most Holy…. Don’t measure it as it has been given to the nations who will trample the Holy City under their feet for 42 months [3.5 years.]


(b)         Then the messenger said he will have 2 witnesses prophesy for 1,260 days in sackcloth;


The 2 witnesses are the 2 olive trees and the 2    lampstands that stand on the earth before the Lord;


If any enemies want to harm the 2 witnesses, fire will come out of their mouths and consume them;


If anyone wants to persecute them, they will be consumed by fire and that’s how they’ll die;


They’ve been authorized to close up the skies so no rain will fall during their period of prophesying;


The 2 witnesses are also authorized to turn water into blood and bring any sort of plague on the earth whenever they wish;


(c)         After the 1,260 days, the wild animal will come out of    the abyss and fight them conquer them and kill them, and their corpses will lie in the main street of the great city which God’s breath refers to as Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was hung on a pole;


For 3 ½ days peoples, nationalities and ethnic groups will look at their corpses as they won’t allow them to be buried;


All the while those who live on the earth will be happy and approve of what happened to those witnesses as those 2 prophets had brought so much pain to those living on the earth;


After 3 ½ days The God then sent His breath of life into them and they stood on their feet which frightened everyone;


Then the 2 witnesses heard aloud voice from heaven who said: ‘Come on up here’ and their enemies saw them ascent into the sky in a cloud;


(d)         This was followed by a tremendous shaking and 1/10th of the city toppled, destroying 7,000 people;


The remaining people got frightened and gave glory to The God in the heavens;


This ended the 2nd woe;


(e)         Then the 7th messenger blew his trumpet and loud voices in the heavens shouted: ‘The Kingdom of this world now belongs to our God and to his Anointed one, and He will be its ruler through ages of ages.’


(f)           Then the heavenly Most Holy Place of God became visible to the Apostle John and inside His Most Holy Place John could see the Chest of His Sacred Agreement;


(g)         This was followed by lightning, voices, thundering, shaking and a great hailstorm.


Revelation 12


    (a)    Thereafter, a great sign appeared in the sky. There

     was a woman who had the sun wrapped around her, the moon was under her feet and  garland of 12 stars on her head.  She was pregnant and screaming in labor and agony to give birth;


(b)        Another sign appeared in the sky and a huge fire- red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns and on its heads were 7 royal turbans.  It was dragging 1/3rd of the stars of the sky with its tail and threw them down on the ground;


(c)         The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth so that he could swallow her child down;


(d)        The child she bore is a son, a male, who is to                       shepherd all the nations with an iron rod;


(e)         The child was snatched away to God and to His throne, and the woman escaped to the desert to a place God had prepared for her and where she would be fed for 1,260 days;


(f)           Next, a war broke out in heaven;


(g)        Michael and his messengers battled with the Dragon,     and the Dragon and his messengers fought back;


(h)        The Dragon lost the battle and couldn’t stay in the  heavens and was thrown down to the earth with his  messengers;


(i)           Then the apostle John heard a loud voice in

Heaven which said that the salvation, the power, and the Kingdom of God had arrived, for His Anointed has now been empowered and the accuser of our brothers has been cast down, who blames them before God both day and night;


(j)           Then the Dragon when he saw he’d  been thrown down to the earth started persecuting the woman who gave birth to the male child;


(k)         However, the woman was given 2 wings of a huge eagle so she could fly away to the desert where she was fed for 3 ½ times and the snake couldn’t reach her;


(l)           The snake shot a river of water out of its mouth after the woman to drown her but the ground opened its mouth and swallowed the river the Dragon shot out of his mouth;


(m)      The Dragon became very angry and went off to wage war with the rest of the woman’s offspring…Those who are obeying God’s instructions and carrying the testimony of Jesus.


Revelation 13


(a)        John stood on the seashore and saw a wild animal with 7 heads and 10 horns come out of the sea and on its horns were 10 royal turbans and on its heads blasphemous names;


(b)        The Dragon gave this beast power, a throne and great authority;


(c)         The wild animal was given a mouth to speak great

things and blasphemies and was given authority for 42 months which it did and spoke blasphemous things against The God, His Name, His Tent and all those encamped in the heavens;


(d)        Thereafter, the beast was allowed to go to war with the Holy Ones and conquer them and was given power over every nation, people, language and ethnic group so that those whose names aren’t written in the Lamb’s Scroll of Life would have to bow low before him;


(e)        Then John saw another wild animal coming out of the ground which had 2 horns like a lamb but spoke like a Dragon;


(f)           The wild animal has the authority of the first wild animal which it used in its presence to force all the lands and all those who dwell in them to bow low before the first wild animal;


(g)        The wild animal also performed great signs, even making fire come down from the skies onto the earth before everyone so as to mislead those who live on the earth with the signs that it is allowed to perform in front of the wild animal;


(h)        The wild animal also told those who live on the earth to make an image to the wild animal that had survived the sword stroke;


(i)           Then it was allowed to give breath to the Image of the wild animal so it could speak and those who didn’t bow low before the image of the wild animal to be killed;


(j)           Thereafter, the wild animal forced everyone to receive a branding on their right hands or on their foreheads so no one else would be able to buy or sell except for those with the branding which is the name of the wild animal or the number of its name;


(k)         Let those who can reason calculate the number of the wild animal which is a human number 666.


Revelation 14


(a)        Then John saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him were 144,000 that had his name and His Father’s name written on their forehead;


(b)        John also heard a noise coming from the sky sounding like a lot of water and loud thunder which was of people all playing harps and singing.  They were singing a new song before the throne and before the 4 cherubs and the elders.  No one was able to master that song except for the 144,000 that were purchased from the earth;


(c)         Then John saw another messenger flying high in the sky who had age-long good news to proclaim to those who live on the earth…To every ethnic group, nation, language and people;


(d)        The messenger was shouting aloud ‘Fear God and glorify Him, because His house of judgment has arrived!’;


(e)        Then a 2nd messenger following saying: ‘She has fallen…..the Great Babylon has fallen!’;


(f)           The 2nd messenger was followed by a 3rd messenger that was shouting aloud: If anyone bows low before the wild animal and its image and received its brand on his forehead or hand, he will have to drink the pure wine of Jehovah’s anger that’s being mixed in the cup of His rage, and he will be examined through torture by fire and with burning rocks in front of the holy messengers and in front of the Lamb;


(g)        The smoke from this torture of those who bow low before the wild animal and its imagine and those who receive its branding of its name will ascend throughout ages of ages and they won’t have any rest either day or night;


(h)        Then John heard a voice coming from the sky that said ‘Write this: ‘From now on, the dead that die in the Lord are blest!’


(i)           After that John saw a white cloud with someone sitting on top of the cloud that looked like a son of man and he held a gold garland on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand;


(j)           Then another messenger came out of the Most Holy and he shouted this at the one sitting on the cloud: ‘Now, take that sickle and start harvesting, because it’s time for the harvest….And the harvest is absolutely ripe!’;


(k)         Then the one sitting on the cloud lowered his sickle to the ground and started harvesting;


(l)           Another messenger came out of the Most Holy in the heavens that also carried a sharp sickle.  He was followed by a messenger that arose from the Altar, whose responsibility was to burn.  He shouted to the messenger holding the sharp sickle: ‘Now, take that sharp sickle and harvest the clumps of grapes from the vine of the earth…For its grapes are now ripe!’;


(m)      So the messenger lowered his sickle to the ground and harvested the grapes of the earth and threw them into the great winepress of God’s rage where they were trampled by foot outside the city;


What came out of this winepress was blood that flowed in a stream that was as deep as a horse’s bridle for 1,600 stadio [200 miles 320 km];


Revelation 15


(a)        After that, John saw another great and wonderful sign in the sky…


7 messengers were bringing 7 plagues which were the last ones as they would bring an end to God’s rage;


(b)        Then John saw what looked like a sea of crystal and fire.


Standing beside the crystal sea were those who had conquered the wild animal, its image, and the number of its name;


(c)         Then John Looked and saw the heavenly Most Holy (which is inside the Tent of Proofs) had been opened up.  At that the 7 messengers that had the 7 plagues came out of the Most Holy wearing clean, bright linen, and they had god braids around their chests;


(d)        Then one of the four cherubs gave each of the 7 messengers one of the 7 golden bowls that were full of the wrath of God;


(e)        Then the Most Holy became filled with smoke because of the glory of God and His power and no one could enter it until after the 7 plagues had been delivered by the 7 messengers.


Revelation 16


(a)        After that John heard a loud voice coming from the Most Holy that told the 7 messengers to pour the 7 bowls of wrath of God onto the earth;


(b)        1st messenger – poured his bowl on the ground.


The men with the brand of the wild animal who bowed low before its image broke out in very malignant sores;


(c)         2nd messenger – poured his bowl into the sea becoming like blood of dead men and everything in the sea died;


(d)        3rd messenger -  poured his bowl into the rivers and

springs which turned into blood;


John heard the messenger that was over the waters say ‘Since they’ve shed the blood of Your Holy Ones and Prophets, You’ve given them blood to drink….And that’s what they deserve!’;


(e)        4th messenger -  poured his bowl out on the sun, which caused it to sear men with fire;


(f)           5th messenger -  poured his bowl out on the throne of the wild animal which made its whole kingdom dark and its people were biting their tongues in pain;


(g)        6th messenger -  poured out his bowl on the great

EuPhrates River which dried up all its water.  He did this to prepare the way for the kings from the sunrise;


(h)        John saw 3 unclean spirits that looked like frogs come out the mouths of the Dragon, the wild animal and the false prophet;


These were the unseen powers of demons that were to serve as signs.  They were all sent to all the kings of the habitation of mankind in order to assemble them for the battle of the Great Day of the Almighty God;


(i)           They then assembled [all the earth’s kings] at the place     

             that’s called Har-Magedon;


(j)           7th messenger -  poured his bowl out into the air.


Then a loud voice inside the Most Holy proclaimed ‘It is now finished!’;               


(k)         This was followed by thunder, lighting, voices, and a

             shaking that was so great and covered so large an area

     that nothing has been seen like it since men lived on the earth;


It split the great city into 3 parts and all the cities of the nations fell into ruin!;


(l)           Then God looked at The Great Babylon and He remembered to also give her the cup of the wine of His anger and rage;


            By then all the islands were gone and there are no more

    mountains.  Also, a great hailstorm [like the weight of 100

    pounds] fell out of the sky upon the people.


Revelation 17


(a)        Then 1 of the 7 messengers that had the 7 bowls came 

over and spoke to John:


(b)        ‘Come here and I’ll show you the judgment on the great whore that sits over many waters;


(c)         The messenger carried John on the wind into the desert where he saw a woman sitting on a scarlet-colored animal covered with blasphemous names and 7 heads and 10 horns;


She had a mysterious name written on her forehead: ‘The Great Babylon, the Mother of Whores and of all Disgusting Things of the Earth’;


John realized that this woman had been getting drunk on the blood of the Holy Ones as well as on the blood of the witnesses of Jesus;


(d)        The messenger told John that the wild animal he saw had once been but then wasn’t.  However, it was about to come out of the abyss again and will go off into destruction;


(e)        Yet when they see the return of the wild animal that once was but is no longer, those who live on the earth will marvel at it…But their names haven’t been written on the Scroll of Life since the founding of the world;


7 heads are 7 mountains upon which the woman is siting.  There are 7 kings, 5 have fallen, one is, and the other hasn’t arrived yet.  When he gets here he will be allowed to only stay for a little while;


However, the wild animal that was but isn’t is an 8th king that comes from the 7, and it’ll go off into destruction;


The 10 horns represent 10 kings who haven’t received a kingdom yet.  They’ll be authorized to be kings for 1 hour with the wild animal.  They have the same thought in mind….To give their power and authority to the wild animal;


(f)           Then they’ll go and fight against the Lamb.  The Lamb and those with him (the called, elected, and faithful) will conquer them;


(g)        The messenger then said that the waters over which the whore was sitting means peoples, crowds, ethnic groups, and languages;


(h)        The woman John saw means the great city that dominates the kings of the earth.


Revelation 18


(a)        John saw another messenger coming down from the sky which was so powerful that the earth glowed with his glory.  Then he shouted in a mighty voice: ‘She has fallen….the Great Babylon has fallen and has become home for the demons, a prison for unclean spirits and a cage for scavenger birds!’;


(b)        Then John heard another voice coming from the sky that said ‘Come out of her my people!’ ‘Come on out, so you don’t share in her sins and receive part of her plagues!’;


(c)    Then a mighty messenger picked up a stone that looked like a huge millstone and threw it into the sea, shouting: ‘This is how fast that city (the Great Babylon) will be thrown down, and she’ll never be found again!’


Revelation 19


(a)        After that John heard what sounded like voices of a        huge crowd proclaiming from the skies: 


‘Praise Jah! (Yes, praise) the salvation, the glory, and the power of our God, for His judgments are righteous and true! ‘Now He’s finally passed judgment on the great whore that made the whole earth filthy with her immoral sex, and He’s avenged the blood of His slaves [that died] at her hands!’;


(b)        Then the crowd shouted a second time: ‘Praise Jah!  Because, the smoke from her will keep ascending throughout ages of ages!’


(c)         Then a voice came out of the throne that said: ‘Praise our God, all of you who are His slaves.  Yes – you, the great and the small who fear Him!’;


(d)        Then John heard what sounded like the voices of a huge crowd along with the noise of a lot of water and heavy thunder.  They were shouting: ‘Praise Jah!  For Jehovah our God the Almighty has started ruling as King!  Let’s rejoice, shout in joy, and glorify Him, since it’s time for the Lamb’s wedding!’


(e)        Then John was told to write this down:  ‘Those who are invited to the Lamb’s wedding banquet are blest!’ And he added: ‘God really said this.’


(f)           Then John saw the sky opening up, and there was a white horse, and the one who was sitting on it was called Faithful and True, because he judges and he fights his wars for righteousness;


(g)        He also had a name that was written which nobody knew but him, and he was wrapped in a robe that was splattered with blood.  The name he was called is The Word of The God;


(h)        Following behind him were all the armies of the heavens (riding) on white horses and wearing white, clean, fine linen;


A long sharp sword was protruding from his mouth that he could use to strike the nations as he will shepherd them with an iron rod.


(i)           John also saw a messenger standing on the sun and shouting in a loud voice saying to all the creatures that fly high in the skies: ‘You should all come and gather for God’s great supper.’;


(j)           Then John noticed the wild animal, along with the kings of the earth and their armies, all gathering to wage war against the one who was sitting on the white horse and his army;


However, the wild animal was thereafter captured, along with the false prophet that performed the signs in front of it that he used to mislead those who received the branding of the wild animal as well as those who bowed low before its image;


Then, while they were still alive, they were tossed into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.  After that, the long sword that was in the mouth of the one riding the white horse killed off all the rest…..


Revelation 20


(a)         After that John saw a messenger coming out of the sky with a long chain in his hand that held the keys to the abyss.  Then he grabbed the Dragon – the original snake, the Slanderer and Opposer ---and chained him up for 1,000 years;


And then he threw him into the abyss, closed it up and locked it up over him, so he couldn’t mislead the nations anymore until after the 1,000 years had ended.  After that, he will be set free for a little while;


(b)        Next John saw thrones and those who sat on them were the ones who had been executed with axes for testifying about Jesus, for telling about God, and those who hadn’t worshiped the wild animal or its image, nor had they received a branding on their foreheads or hands;


(c)         They were appointed to be judges;


(d)        They came to life and ruled as kings with the Anointed one for 1,000 years;


This is the 1st resurrection and those who have a part in it are blest and holy because the 2nd death won’t have any power over them as they’ll be priests of God and of the Anointed One and rule for 1,000 years.


(e)        After 1,000 years have ended, the Slanderer will be set free from his prison and he’ll go out to mislead the people – God and Magog – in all 4 corners of earth and will assemble for a war;


They will march across the whole earth and surround the camp of the Holy Ones and the loved city…But then fire will come from the sky and consume them!;


Then the Opposer that misled them will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the wild animal and the false prophet will already have been and they’ll be tortured there day and night throughout ages of ages;


(f)           Then John saw someone sitting on a huge white throne…And before him the land and the sky just vanished and couldn’t be found;


(g)        John also saw the dead --- the great and the small --- standing before the throne, and several scrolls were opened;


(h)        Then another scroll was opened which was the Scroll of Life.  The dead were judged by the things that were written in the scrolls, according to the things they had done;


(i)           Then the sea gave up its dead, and death and the place of the death gave up the death in them and they were judged by the things they have done;


(j)           Finally, death and the place of the death were thrown into the lake of fire (the lake of fire symbolizes the second death) and anyone whose name wasn’t found written in the Scroll of Life was also thrown into the lake of fire.


Revelation 21


(a)           Then John saw new skies and new lands because  the previous skies and lands had disappeared as had the seas;


(b)           John also saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, stepping down out of the sky from God, prepared like a bride that had been adorned like a bride for her man;


(c)           Then a loud voice from the throne said: ‘Look! The Tent of God is with mankind!  He’s going to put up his Tent among them, then they’ll be His people and He’ll be their God.’;


‘He’s going to wipe all the tears from their eyes and there won’t be any more death, mourning, wailing, or pain, because all that once was will be gone!’


(d)           The One sitting on the throne said that He was making everything new and told John to write this down as these words are faithful and true’;


(e)           Then the One sitting on the throne said to John ‘It has all been accomplished!


‘I am the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end – and I’m going to give everyone who is thirsty a free drink from the Spring of the Water of Life!


‘Yes, those who conquer will inherit these things..


‘Then I’ll be their God and they’ll be My sons!’


(f)             Then one of the 7 messengers with the 7 bowls that were full of the 7 plagues came and spoke to John, and said: ‘Come here and I’ll show you the bride.. The Lamb’s woman!;


(g)           The messenger carried John off on the wind to an enormously high mountain, and he showed John Jerusalem, the Holy City, as it was coming down out of the sky from God.


The Holy City had high walls and 12 gates and there was a messenger standing at each gate inscribed with the 12 tribes of the sons of Israel.


There were 3 gates on the east side, 3 gates on the north side, 3 gates on the south side, and 3 gates on the west side;


The city wall also has 12 foundation stones on which the names of the 12 apostles of the lamb were written.


The one talking with John held up a ruler (a gold reed) that he used to measure the city, along with its gates and its walls;


The city was square….As long as it was wide.  John then measured the entire city with the reed with its length, width, and height (which were all equal) which measured 12,000 stadions [1,170 miles / 1,900 km];


Then he measured [the thickness of] its walls which were the length of a man’s forearm (which is about the same as for a messenger (of God), time 44;


The 12 gates were 12 pearls (each gate was made of a single pearl) and the city’s main street was paved with gold that was as pure as clear crystal;


John didn’t see a temple sanctuary within the city because Jehovah God the Almighty and the Lamb are its Most Holy.


The city didn’t need the sun and the moon to shine upon it, because it was lit by the glory of God… And the Lamb was its lamp;


All the nations were able to walk in its light, and the earth’s kings were bringing their glorious things into it;


Its gates won’t ever be closed during the day, and night won’t exist there  For this is where they’ll carry the glory

 and honor of the nations.


Nothing that’s dirty, nor anyone who does disgusting things or tells lies will ever enter it…. Only those (whose names) are written in the Lamb’s Scroll of Life.


Revelation 22


(a)        Then the messenger showed John the River of the Water of Life.


It was crystal clear and flowed out from under the Throne of The God and of the Lamb, down the middle of the street.


Along both its banks were the Tree of Life which bore 12 crops of fruit which they put out every month.  The Trees’ leaves were used to heal the nations.


(b)        The messenger also warned John not to seal up the things that are said in the prophecy of this scroll, because the season is near and may those who are acting unrighteously stay unrighteous, and the filthy stay filthy.


‘However, may those who are righteous remain righteous, and those who are holy remain holy.’


‘And the reward that I’m bringing is the repayment to each one for what he’s done.


‘But the dogs, those who cast spells, those who are immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and everyone who enjoys lying will be left on the outside.

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