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The Sacred Mystery of the Seed

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What is referred to in the Bible as ‘the Sacred Mystery of the Seed’ is explained to us for the first time at Galatians 3:16, which says:

‘Now, the promises were given to AbraHam and to his seed.
It doesn’t say, to his seeds, as though there were many of them, but just one, to your seed, who is the Anointed One.’

Then the explanation of the identity of this ‘seed’ is further expanded at Galatians 3:29, where we read:

And if you are [part] of the Anointed One, you are really the seed of AbraHam and heirs of the promise.’

The initial prophecy concerning this ‘seed,’ about which Paul was writing, is found at Genesis 3:14, 15, where God condemned the Evil One in the ‘Paradise of Delights’ (whom the Revelation shows was the real voice behind the snake that tempted Eue or Eve).

Notice what this first prophecy in the Bible says:

‘Because you did this, you are doomed to punishment among all the cattle and wild animals of the earth. You will travel on your chest and belly and you will eat from the ground all the days of your life.
I will also create hatred between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed.
He will watch for your head and you will watch for his heel.’

From this, we can see that the Evil One (as represented by the snake) would produce a ‘seed,’ and the woman would also produce a ‘seed.’ However, the woman’s seed would conquer the snake and its seed by ‘watching’ to crush its head.

So the promise to AbraHam that he would produce a seed was really a clue as to whom the seed of Genesis 3:15, 16 would prove to be.

Then at Galatians 3:16, 29, Paul reveals that this seed of the woman is Jesus and those that are ‘in’ him: his chosen disciples that collectively are to make up the ruling portion of God’s Kingdom.

So then, who is the ‘woman’ that would produce this seed?

The Bible itself answers at Galatians 4:26:

‘But the JeruSalem above is free and she is our mother.’

So, God’s heavenly seat of government (the ‘JeruSalem above’) is God’s woman that gives birth to the rulers of God’s Kingdom: Jesus and those that are ‘in’ him.

For more information on who ‘the snake’ is and who are its ‘seed,’ and who the ‘woman’ is and who and are ‘her seed’ can be found at Revelation 12:3-5. See that scripture and the linked notes for further information, as well as the commentary, The Seed – God’s Kingdom.

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